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Why clinic based services?  

It is important to remember that intensive ABA intervention has been shown to be the most effective treatment for children diagnosed with autism. Our highly trained Behavior Technicians work 1:1 with your child to develop skills for communication, self-help, and reduction of problem behaviors. Each program is individualized to meet the specific needs of your child.    


Our programs start as young as age 2 because we know that with early and intensive intervention some children are able to transition into general education settings.  Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts are experts in early intervention and verbal behavior analysis.  Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts conduct the assessments, develop the plans and oversee the treatment every step of the way.    


At BehaviorWorks we use state of the art technology to make data collection and information sharing simple and effective so that parents always know what goals are being worked on how your child is progressing.  Comprehensive caregiver training is included for all programs so that you can maximize your benefit form ABA therapy.


New funding sources are becoming availible so call BehaviorWorks directly to ge the most up-to-date information on your options.



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