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You have a choice!

In many cases, children are not diagnosed with autism until they reach school age.  Fortunately, Indiana was the first state to mandate autism coverage.  This mandate allows many Hoosier children to receive intensive ABA intervention that they so desperately need before returning to school.


Together with the family, the treatment plan is developed based on the child's individual skills and behavioral challenges. During the initial phase of treatment, specific target behaviors are defined and data collection strategies identified.  The BCBA will develop intervention strategies after careful review of the data and train caregivers on the intervention.  


For the best results, the ABA literature supports 20 to 40 hours of ABA therapy a week. Treatment programs are updated frequently based on the child's response to the intervention.  This is why ABA is sometimes called a "self-correcting model".  Adjustment to the treatment plans are made based on the data collected by the staff and the family, adjusting as the child progresses.

ABA as an alternative or adjunt to school